**iRacing - Cup Cars**

ProEsportsGaming Racing Event Rules
You must be registered on and registered for the race.
Make sure your display name on matches your iracing name
Must be a member of the Pro Esports Tournaments discord
Drivers meetings and passwords for race will be in the #chat-iracing channel.
Streaming on twitch is not mandatory but we prefer you to stream that way you can receive tips and subs on as well as everyone watching on the site can see your pov.
You must be at least 16yr old to signup for
If the amount of people signed up for the race exceed the pit stalls available, we will hold a qualifying round or have heat and consolation races prior to the race
Events will start at 6pm Est registration will end at 5:30pm Est
You must attend the drivers meeting held at 5:30pm Est in the Pre Game Meeting voice channel in the discord, if you are not present for the meeting you will not have access to the server and password info.

Racing Rules
Rule #1: Respect other drivers at all times. No trash talking, no abusive language, no
derogatory name calling. You will be removed from the race.
Rule #2: Field must start upon the green flag waving.
Rule #3: Cautions are ON. Restarts will be double file. If there are 3 consecutive cautions in a row it will go to single file
Leader will choose when to start (must start only after the pace car has completely pulled off of the track onto pit road)
Rule #4: Keep the field packed up within 1 car length from the person in front of you.
Rule #5: Intentional wrecking/Payback will be NOT BE TOLERATED and you will be removed from the race.
Rule #6: Fixed setups will be used unless otherwise noted
Rule #7: 3 Green, white, checkered attempts for every race.
Rule #8: If you are blinking during the race and it continues, you are to back off other drivers until it stops.
If you do not comply you will be removed from the race.
Rule #9: Lucky dogs are awarded by iracing.
Rule #10: Lapped cars are not to race the leaders hard, move out of their way.
Rule #11: Keep Radio traffic to a minimum. Race Control needs to be able to
always communicate with drivers to make corrections on the trac.k
Rule #12: Black flags will only be cleared if your in a wreck and slide into pits, or iracing passing under yellow while someone is broke or heading into the pits, speeding down pit road will not be cleared.